April 7, 2011


 they are bestfriends eh ?

Assalammualaikum anak anak.

can i say I had an awesome day ? yes , i did but it still hurts . hurt to see how 4 years of friendship vanished just like that .

today , drama family and me went to mgs to get our practice done there . that morning i was so excited to just get lost from school , tried to not to think about it much  , like she asked me before . but still , it keeps appearing in my mind . nevermind.

in the bus , it wass hella fun ! all had became such camwhoress afterall ! Hahaha then we got there around 11 and were waiting for our shah rukh khan to arrive . waited for our turn, practiced and we went ate at the school canteen . DONT BELIEVE THIS but IT WAS FREAKING CHEAP ! i wass LIKE WHATTTTT ? MEE WANTAN FOR RM 0.50 ? can you believe it ? 5 DIMSUMS AT PRICE OF 50 cents ! seriously i want to go there every day at recess time ! hahahaha .

before we leave , we were camwhored once again . this timeeee was likee the world is ours ! HAHAHA nnti i letak gambar okay? again , hella fun ! gila lompat apa korang ?

balik sekolah , still we got practice . were gossipping and we felt like a family right ? i lovee you babeees !

- post pendek , long day bye -

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