April 8, 2011

dramatic people

Assalammualaikum . start your weekend with Allah's bless okay ?

Let's sing together " Its Friday , friday .." dah tak hingat lirik hikhik

okayy everybadeh ! Tomorrow is the day ! * like a battlefield , battlefield lalala


as many not know , tomorrow is the drama english competition day . dengar nama pun dah nak terkincit
( --" ) sejujurnya sekarang tak rasa apa lagi kan , hoho esok ? Subhanaallah hanya Allah yang tahu betapa gemuruhnya jantung ni seperti mula mula jatuh cinta.. OKAY , kenapaa nak jiwang sangat ni ? Oh mana anith yang dulu ? OH EM GEE mana manaa ?

but before that , hikhik let me talk about awesome people i met during this whole amazing journey . they are the drama queen Shalu , the hot aunt Wawa , the loud tharshini , my bff Filzah , the lil sis wai long ( kenapa panjanggg ? :O , tati, sumi , farhan , shah , tuna , yuvesss and our pauss comel royden :)

let's do our best okay ? The bestest of the best !

you know what ? a month time with them was never enough . they taught me the real meaning of hunger , tired , determination , friends , support and i've learned a lots from them !

thank you thank you and thank you and i love youuuu

lets do our best and always remember we are family rite 
dramatic family , i love . muahahaha

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