April 6, 2011

gimme a break

lately , it was tough . definitely was the toughest time .

oh ya , lupa intro .

dear fake friend , err FRIENDS 

stop being such a coward and tell me everything in front of me boleh tak ? dont talk behind but IN FRONT !

dear YOU & YOU ..

i thought that you were the best err can i say BFF ? Yeah of course but it was the those days  . where were you when i need you support ? where were you when i was down ? where were you when i was crying my heart out ? WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU HUH ? seriously,its okay if you cant be by my side but you make it even worse ! 

actually , hari ni memang aku down gila :( but then aku pikiak balik why the hell i should be upset ? I got great friends around me , they make me SPEAK LOUD , STAND FOR MYSELF ,GAVE SOME USEFUL ADVICE and made me chill :)

thanks :)

soo , nevermind you cakap you tak kisah , you cakap you can live without your bestfriends , its okay. someone said this before " apa yang kite buat dekat orang , orang akan buat dekat kita " see ? thats how we roll in life. balik sekolah , i tulis sebab i nak buat mark . in the future , i akan baca balik apa yang i tulis , what happened in my life because i nak belajar :) learn from mistake 

chill anith chill :) you lost one two, but you gain more  

Peace be upon you :) 

ps ; oh please ! let me make this clear. im not hating you guys okay ? it is just .. 

It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.

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