February 14, 2011

happy together :D

( kawan . rinduu korang dooo )

Salam chingu yaa 

Today has been a week since my girls left for other schools . huuu . i felt heavy in heart at first , but then i did figured out something . 

' time heals everything '

anith couldnt agree more on this!

do you ?

and now i'm taking steps to befriend some 'enemies'.

not my enemy , not everyone's enemy hehehe x)

at past , i was technically/ slightly/ frankly / practically had a bit feel of uneasy with those people which i can relate with what i just written just now ' time heals everything' 

few years passed , black marks on their faces begin to vanish and gladly enough , my hatress too begin to dissolve down the drain :')

Good girl kan anith ni ? hahaha

hey , life's short but too many chapters to finish with !

so , i need to put a good end at every chapter in my life isnt it ?

yes ( dont need your answer babeh ) hehee

Alright , gotta run :D 

WAIITT ! hehehe  as i was blogwalking and youtubing just now , I met a really cool person ! 

She owns this fantastic voice and great guitar skills too ! *claps*
i was very overwelmed by her performance so should you x)

check it out dudes ! 

 oke , semangat patriotik pulak , hehehe here :-

alright , gotta end it here . Pray for good grades for my incoming exam next week okay ? Lovee u mwahh :')

Assalammualaikum .

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