January 18, 2011

seek some light

 Salam readers .

School ? Done . Eat ? Done. Solat ? Done . Homework ? Undone.

Minggu ni kan , mulut aku memang masin . Semua yang aku terungkap semua menjadi . well , in this few days left , tak nak cakap dah la . Seal mulut rapat-rapat.

It makes me harder actually to really accept some of the mean facts . But for most people , they are gaining some life-never-get-experience which i consider as the best for them . Think the best for your future and go out, experience more exciting moments as life will never turns back . Meet new friends and build great friendship like u did with me.

The day the ive been scared of is just around the corner , and to the worst , it takes place a day after my day , the day i should be hawling the loudest as much as i want . but Allah knows the best for them :) InsyaAlllah be strong to you all and to me . i am just gonna embarce myself to keep cheer up in my next few days alone .

                                     and he is currently dating taylor .huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;'(

and and i just lost my baby . anak kucing la :'( biar laa daripada melarat sakit , lebih baik dia pergi kan ? T.T kak lin gonna miss u lots gemuk ! 

oh the day couldnt get any worse ?

Assalammualaikum .....

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