February 24, 2012

duck butt


It has been ages since I last wrote, banyak post tertunggak tak keluar bayar bil lagi! amcm nik?

Anyway, since I take mc from schooling today with both my parents permission, I decided to jot down the track of my daily basis which 'rollercostering' each day. Alhamdulillah .

I am in form 5 right now, mereka cakap 'Please suffer'. Instead, I dont feel suffer at all, but maybe at this point kot, bila sehari dua nak exam nnti, gaaaaaaaahh baru nak tanam kepala dalam buku! I enjoyed making my way to school every morning especially ada pak cik guard baru haha lawak gile. I enjoyed staying back during afternoon classes, sometimes rasa macam tak nak balik rumah jadi anak unmithali kejap. Sekejap je, next year dah tak boleh dah.

Alhamdulillah, sekarang ni dapat jawatan PKU kalau tak tahu, saya tak kisah. Big responbility huh? Ada masa rasa susah, ada masa senang, manusia ni pelbagai ragam itu lah dugaan Allah. yang penting jangan selalu amalkan 'You're always wrong, I'm always right, always'. takmo ah cam ni. A someone told me this ' being a leader is not being at the top, but to be at the bottom to raise your friends up'. thanks someone :) 

I feel so blessed having my claasmates to help me endure difficulties in studies, both mentally and physically. I'd hope our unbreakable bonds will get to tie as ionic compounds hahahahahahahaha

Till next post, I'm starving. Salam :) Have a blessed weekend!

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