April 29, 2011

i'm tired

I'm tired of taking care the others so i think its the best time for them to take good care of themselves . Oh please , i'm not hating or creating such a fuss . its just that i gotta move on . My life needs better attention and many things to care for . I wont say i am busy , I would say i got no more time for me , for myself . Time wait for no man and so do i :) i waited but its meaningless . I am tired but glad at the same time for all this while . perhaps i do think it is useless now but at least i gave it a try . It was okay for me but not anymore :)

 hanif made me realized . There are people who care about me . There are people who stand by my side . There are people who know what i endured inside . There are people who share the same feelings as mine . There are and thinking about them make me feel good . make me feel good about myself . oh there are :)

and please please please , i am sorry . and sorry for what ? let just me know . just imagine i did wrong towards you and i'm asking for your forgiveness . just ..forgive me okay ?

Finally, all words came out . at least i felt a little bit ease at mind . 

weird eh ? you have no idea what has been wandering round and round in my head .
it is "horrendous"

- i need hanisufinamalzira to talk to :( -


  1. i give an A+ for the grammar and comprehension! Good job.. hehe... why why my dear? something goes wrong? tell me tell me,, i'm here ;)

  2. eh ? A+ ? tk layak kot . hehehehe kite pun kengkadang tekan byk2 kali xP Err yess :( kite tk tau lah , fikiran kite serabut fikir nk jaga perasaan org , but orang tk appriciate and never think about me, well at leaat now i know siapa . so im glad and dissapointed at the same time