December 2, 2010

Way To Wash Your Hair? wujudkah ?

                                                     Hi peeps ! 

today , pukul 4.23 pm ni saya nak share kan one useful tips for all . Entah ttibe datang angin sumatera mane ada hati nak post mende ni . He he he ! ttibe je , but i think its beneficial for us especially for those who take beauty matters seriously . Here comes quite tips on how to wash your hair properly . er , gedik kan ? ye saya tahu isi hati anda . ( --")

mula mula search benda lain dan terbaca tajuk * hah kat atas tu kan dh ada haha* .saya macam what in the world ada cara-cara yang betul nak basuh kan rambut ? WOW ! setahu aku , hah pecet botol syampu sampai keluar isi 50 sen terus tempek dekat rambut , gosok gosok tunggu 5 minit , siram ! senang kn ? lepas tu letak pula conditioner dekat hujung rambut then biar ade sikit sikit je tgl ( belajar dr kakak sunsilk) lepas tu siram .  selesai mandi ! 

but then i came across this saying 'nothing great can be achieved without any effort' . yar loh ! kalau nak kan rambut yang cantik dan sihat , dandruff-free , takde oily2 . mestilah kene usaha sikit kan ? tapi kan kan . tips tuu kann lecehh laaa . i say men ! ( T.T) 

then i came across lagi saying ni . hehe . mcm mr Paul lak saying saying bi ni . heee
 'Once you have your gorgeous hair shining brightly, you will earn the worth of all these hard work.' kah kah kah ! sapee nak rambut shining2 ni ?? wakakaka . kalau perempuan tu pakai tudung , mane nampak seluruh serat2 rambut dia . mana nampak dia tu botak ke , rambut sebonjot mcm sup bunjut ADABI ( apekahh ?? XD ) rambut berkarat ke , rambut gerbang mcm Alley cats ke , rambut ketul ketul ke , rambut tk tumbuh ke . manaa ade orang nak tgk ! eish , hapalah!

tapi saya nak ! T.T awak nak ? laa awak pun nak ? eh kawan awak pun nak ? ehe ! ada geng! 
*meh sep sikit* kalau cm tu , meh kitaa cekidaut text bwh ni .

Introduction . 

Whatever kind of hair you may have, be it oily or be it dry or be it thick or be it strong, each of your individual hair is very fragile. That is the reason why it breaks in case you pull or tug your hair. No one likes to see their hair falling off!!
  1. Now, which one is the best method for washing your hair? 
  2. Untie all the tangles on your hair with the help of a comb before you even make your hair wet. This will help the hair from tangling even more while washing, and makes the hair washing process a lot easier. Next step involves getting in to the shower and standing under the shower and making your hair wet. Either warm or cold water is okay as per your personal preference. But the best results will be provided if you use warm water to wet you hair initially and to open your cuticles, and to rinse off all the oil and dirt on it. Then you can finish it off by rinsing your hair in cold water and thus close the cuticles and add shine to your hair.
  3. Wet your hair under the shower and with the use of your fingers try to remove all the left over hair styling products and conditioners on your hair. Get a little bit of shampoo in your hand and apply it on to your scalp after rubbing your hands together. Make sure you apply the shampoo on to the scalp of your head and not on the tips of your hair. If you apply the shampoo on to the end region of your hair, that would make your hair too dry, weak and may cause them to split. Avoid mixing all your hair and causing them to tangle while applying shampoo. Then you need to rinse all the shampoo away.
  4. It would be better if you use the shampoo a second time as well. This time the shampoo will take care of your hair after the initial application removed all the dirt and oil of your hair. Leave the shampoo on your hair for at least two minutes when you do the second shampooing. Get rid off all the shampoo by rinsing thoroughly after wards.
  5. Try to gently squeeze the extra water out of your hair. It is not advisable to pull or tug at your hair when it is wet, as it is really weak then. Once you get rid of the extra water from your hair, use a dollop conditioner along your hair line, the ends and the nape of your hair. Put a shower cap on your hair and let the conditioner seep in to your hair for around ten minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly. 

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